2014 Silt & Strata Albarino

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2014 Silt & Strata Albarino

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2014 silt + strata Albarino 

 from Paragon Vineyard in the Edna Valley

appellation Central Coast grapes picked 5 October 2014

fermented at 55 ̊ fahrenheit for 6 weeks in stainless steel aged in stainless steel, no contact with oak malolactic fermentation nenhuma -- that’s no, in Portuguese finished brix at bottling 24.7 ̊

acidity 6.76 grams per liter

power of hydrogen (ph) 3.24

residual sugar none at bottling

alcohol 13.5%

production 100 cases, 10 kegs

wine story

Poor Portuguese farmers-- or economically disadvantaged as we like to say in San Francisco-- in the 1950’s prioritized to feed their families before considering the cultivation of grapes for wine; however, they found rogue Albarino vines growing up fenceposts, allowing them to economize their farming space and have both their cake and eat it too. This viticultural concept spread through Portugal’s Rías Baixas region and today vines can be seen growing up telephone poles, pergolas and even the side of apartment buildings where in one instance, 3-stories of families are making wine from the same Albarino vine. As the cultivator of an urban farming project, I was inspired by this concept of space saving and set out to find my own Albarino. The Niven family was kind enough to give me a chance with a few tons from their Paragon Vineyard plantings in Edna Valley.

On the label, in continuing the theme of how we utilize urban space I’ve included the former outline of San Francisco’s coastline before parts were filled in by gold mining tailings. I’ve heard stories of SOMA skyscrapers finding mining ruble and sunken ships while excavating land during construction. I like to think about the layers that exist in a city and some virulent Albarino vines growing out of the strata.

tasting notes

Made in the traditional style of Rías Baixas Albarino without malolacic fermentation and without oak, this wine is pure and vibrant, with a slight salty characteristic. Mandarin orange and tangerine peel begin in the aromatics and run clear through to the finish. The round mouth feel is beautifully balanced by a somewhat crisp acid structure. Be careful, I’ve on one (or maybe two) occasions put down an entire bottle while weeding in the vineyard.